Help Ukraine.
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Ukrainian Tribe (KYIV) is a crypto token where every buy and sell sends humanitarian aid to victims of the war.

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Partnered Directly With Ukraine

All aid is sent directly to the Ukrainian government's official Ethereum wallet: 0x165CD37b4C644C2921454429E7F9358d18A45e14.

0% Overhead / 100% Auditability / Direct Aid

Every Trade
Sends Aid

CZUSD Reflect on every buy and sell with 2% to Ukraine and 1% to hodlers. An additional 1% burn on every sell. 43 million total, circulating, and capped supply. Automatic rewards distribution as contract collects gas.

To maximize your support: Buy KYIV, automatically collect your CZUSD, and purchase more KYIV with your CZUSD.


$50,000 CZUSD
Donation From FairTribe

Our launch partner FairTribe graciously donated $50,000 CZUSD to seed our fair launch liquidity. CZUSD is a stablecoin with effective $2.3m liquidity on Ellipsis and $200k liquidity on Pancakeswap.


100% Fair Launch. 0 Insiders. 0 Presale. 100% Community.

Whales Are Welcome
If They Play Fair.

1% max tokens per wallet. 0.1% max transaction size.

Get KYIV on CZ.Cash

As part of our partnership with FairTribe, KYIV is best purchased on CZ.Cash.
For large purchases of KYIV, you may wish to purchase CZUSD on Ellipsis first.

CZUSD is a stablecoin fully backed by yield bearing stablecoin assets with effective $2.3m liquidity on Ellipsis and $200k liquidity on Pancakeswap.

Buy KYIV on CZ.Cash


Q1: What is KYIV?

KYIV is a charity token with 2% of each buy and sell generating CZUSD rewards for the Ukrainian official donation wallet. An additional 1% of each transaction is distributed to KYIV holders automatically. KYIV is a deflationary token with 1% of sells only burned. KYIV has no team tokens, insider tokens, or presale. 100% of the supply is distributed from an initial fair launch on the KYIV/CZUSD pair. The total and circulating supply of KYIV is 43 million at launch.
CA: 0x390D9613bA4E1352cBCc289a6629139bdE0cD321

Q2: What is CZUSD?

CZUSD is a stablecoin backed by a basket of stablecoin yield assets. It is the primary token used by FairTribe for funding new launches. CZUSD is operated by CZodiac, a community project dedicated to innovative defi products. CZUSD has over $200k in liquidity on Pancakeswap. Additionally, it has an "A" rating of 10 on Ellipsis generating an effective liquidity of over $2.3 million.
CA: 0xe68b79e51bf826534ff37aa9cee71a3842ee9c70

Q3: How do I collect my CZUSD rewards?

CZUSD rewards are automatically distributed once the contract collects enough gas. You may also manually claim.

Q4: What slippage is best?

You should set your slippage to at least 3% on buys and 4% on sells. However, when there is a lot of volume you may need to set a higher slippage.

Q5: Why cant I trade BNB for KYIV?

Pancakeswap does not yet route trades through CZUSD. You should buy CZUSD first on Pancakeswap or Ellipsis then trade CZUSD for KYIV.

Q6: What is the contract address?

KYIV CA: 0x390D9613bA4E1352cBCc289a6629139bdE0cD321
CZUSD CA: 0xe68b79e51bf826534ff37aa9cee71a3842ee9c70

Q7: Will there be other utility?

KYIV is a community project. As the community is strongly focused on assisting Ukraine, additional utility may be developed if the community volunteers choose to add it. Some ideas include fundraising NFTs, metaverse gaming fundraisers, and partnerships.

Q8: Who is the team?

Our team of volunteers is doxxed. There are no team tokens or payments to the team.
xCrypto, CEO, tg @TurnipCrypto
Plastic Digits, CTO, tg @PlasticDigits
t4c0, COO, tg @t4c0s0x
Sai, CM, tg @IAS221

Q9: Why are you using CZUSD?

FairTribe provided an initial donation of $50k in CZUSD to seed our initial liquidity. By using this donation, KYIV does not need to have any presale or insiders to fund the initial liquidity.

Q10: What is the total supply?

As a FairTribe launch, 100% of the supply is circulating and started in the initial liquidity pool. There are no locked tokens, team distribution, or insiders. The initial supply is 43 million representing the population of Ukraine. The supply will gradually decrease due to the 1% burn on sells.

Q11: How can donations be audited?

The 2% rewards for donation are collected by the deployer wallet as CZUSD. This CZUSD is then exchanged for USDT which is sent via a bridge to the Ethereum donation address publicly posted and verified by Ukraine. An audit log is available on request.